How Free Samples AI Works

At Free Samples AI, our mission is to revolutionize how you discover the best freebies available across the UK, all in one convenient hub. Utilising cutting-edge automation and AI technology, we’ve streamlined the process of finding free samples, trials, and more, bringing you the latest offers faster than ever before. With over a decade of experience in the freebie game, we’ve curated a collection of over 200 free items currently listed on the site.

Here’s How It Works

Our platform lists all active freebies, prominently showcasing the most popular offers on our homepage and featuring the newest additions. With a simple click of the “Get Freebie” button’ you’re directed straight to the website offering the item, eliminating the need to scour the web for hours. You can also conveniently browse by category or sign up for our mailing list to ensure you never miss out on time-sensitive deals.

Why Companies Give Away Freebies

Wondering why companies are so generous with freebies? It’s simple: they understand that offering free samples allows potential customers to try out their products or services risk-free, ultimately attracting new loyal consumers to their brand.

Where We Find the Freebies

We use automation and AI to search the web to find the latest free samples and list them on Free Samples AI. We also let users suggest offers to be listed which you can do here. And some companies reach out to us directly or we approach them to be listed and earn commission from listing them.