Looking for some quick instant answers to how Free Samples AI works? Check out our FAQ below.

Why do companies give away free samples?

Companies give away free samples in order to attract new customers and to gain feedback on existing products. By using freebie sites you can discover these offers and take advantage of them.

What makes Free Samples AI different?

We make heavy use of automation and AI in order to list the latest freebies and offers faster. The idea is we will get limited time offers in front of you quicker. Giving you more time to apply to the offers. Sounds pretty great right?

Do you really use AI to find free sample offers?

Yes! The vast majority of the offers you will find on Free Samples AI have been pulled in using custom built automation software and then AI has been used to filter through offers, customise the listings and make them easy to understand for you. This helps us speed up getting the latest freebies in front of you. But it does mean there can be errors with offer information so keep this in mind when browsing offers.

Can I provide feedback on an offer?

Absolutely, if you find an offer does not work please do let us know so we can look to take this down if its not working, or leave a comment on it to provide feedback on it.